Sunday, May 24, 2009

Puppy update

My adorable litter...well two...of Yorkies were born 13 days ago and they have yet to open their eyes...hopefully tomorrow or the next day. The little wee lad, Wylie (the coyote) has sucessfully gained just over 12 ozs. since birth and is now a whopping one pound, three quarter ozs! The adorable petit lass, Lucy, is growing steady and weighed in at 12.5 ozs. this morning...slow and steady my girl is. It has been very difficult to refrain from "oooh look at the cutie wootie little baby" talk...try as I might. My kids are giving me a hard time with the baby-talk, they are constantly reminding me that I love Chloe, the Mamma, and her pups more than I love them! Honestly! I just love them differently... :)

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