Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well the sun was shining...ever so briefly here...but as I go from room to room to deliver folded laundry and pick up the odd glass or water bottle..I'm realizing firstly that it is time for wrapping my head around Spring-Cleaning! Secondly, I hate Mess!!!

Beware of thermos bottles lying within the depths of your teenagers' rooms...when you open them up and some sort of SLIME pours out...followed by a tea bag! I wouldn't think that a tea bag and water would produce such a substance...but it did! Yuck

I feel like I've loaded and unloaded the dish washer twice today...hand washed a sink full of dishes three times today and delivered four baskets of laundry today...wait a minute...I Did :)

Oh well, such is my I do love it...sometimes I don't like it though...hope you are enjoying yours!

Stay tuned for next weeks March Workshop projects...there's loads of them as each group is working on different ones! TFSB

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