Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to Coolsville...

I've been having too much fun with Close To My Heart's new "Cruisin" paper collection, Silver Foil Stickers and Bottle Caps and when I saw this week's sketch at Let's Scrap I had to use it!

Aren't these Silver Foil stickers super cool!??

Now I've adapted this sketch a little, but not too much as I had just the photos for it...Olivia's Road Test...which comes with a story if you want to read my journalling which was too long to show on the layout so I created a pocket and just folded the printed paper and tucked it inside the pocket!

journalling reads:

Ok, so here’s the story...Olivia, after 12 months of ‘learning’ to drive was able to book her Road Test. We signed her up for Young Drivers of Canada which she did brilliantly with and as October 31st was soon approaching she needed to book her Road Test! Now in typical Olivia fashion, she procrastinated and then when she finally decided to go online to book her appointment (yes, it was that easy!) she wasn’t able to get into our local ICBC office until 2 weeks after the date she was legally able to take the test on! So, because Olivia is known for her patience, she started looking at alternate locations to go to take her ‘Road Test’...all of our local’ish offices had the same wait times give or take a day but Olivia was persistent and kept on searching...”Mom, is Prince George too far away?”...”What?!!! Olivia, Prince George is like 8-9 hours drive!!!” ...”Oh, so I guess you wouldn’t take me there then?”....”Ahhh, NO!”.....”What about Kelowna, I can take my test there on the 31st of October, it would be perfect! Will you take me there?”...”Ahhh, NO!”...”Why not? It’s only like 3 hours drive from here...that’s not too far...and it would be excellent driving practice for me too!”...”Olivia, you should have booked your test earlier and then you wouldn’t have this problem! I’m not driving you to Kelowna to take a road test when you could do it here, 5 minutes from home!”...”Moommm...Do you think Dad would take me?”...” could ask him {LOL, not a chance}” 

So because this tale is funny I had to tell my parents that their [perfect} Granddaughter waited too long to register for her Road Test and now has to wait two more weeks! I also told them that she was busy trying to find another place to go...So my Mother pipes up and says, “Your Dad’s retired now, maybe he’ll take her to Kelowna?” Dad replies, “ Well we wouldn’t take my truck! We could take yours Kristine! and YOU’LL have to pay for the gas!” and so I’m like shocked at this point because it is plain to see that Olivia has her Grandparents right where she wants them! In the palm of her hand! {first Grandbaby syndrome, I guess} 

In the end, my father picked her up from school after her first class and drove her part way there, she drove the rest of the way. She had a lady test her and she Dad took her out for a late lunch/early supper and then they drove home! 

May I also note that I would never have gotten my parents to drive me a total of 7 hours to and from any appointment in my life! Especially when my own procrastination was the reason I couldn’t get my Road Test done locally...but I guess that this is a perfect example of the things we will do for our Grandkids! It’s OK to spoil them because you’ve already done a stand up job of raising your in point...I didn’t drive her!!!

and finally a photo of my Dad resting up for the LONG drive home :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully Olivia's story made you smile :)


  1. An exiciting read, lol, yeah, you put a smile on my face Kristine =D Your father is very sporting! Super cool layout too.

  2. Such a cute layout! I think you've convinced me to get that paper and accessories. :)

  3. Ha cute page. I also used this paper for my daughter learning to drive. I love your version I used the WOTG guide. I might have to use this sketch for something cute soon.

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm lovin' this paper myself! you should totally get it :)

  4. Definitely smiling! Luckily, I think it's OK for Grandparents to spoil the grandkids! I look at it as part of their job! What a great story it made and certainly the Cruisin' elements really support your story!
    Thanks for the link to Let's Scrap. I've just recently fallen in love with sketches and prefer 2-page 12x12 scrapping, so this one is definitely a keeper! TFS!



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