Wednesday, June 13, 2012

University Road Trip!

Just got back last week from a three day Road Trip up North to Prince George...a smaller town in Northern British Columbia for some of you that are not Canadian...from where I live in the Lower Mainland, its about an 8.5 hour car drive and just over 750km !!!

Do-able but tiring for a weekend as it pretty much takes a day to get there and one to get home...throw in a meal break part way through and that's 8-9 hours...phew...but in the end we were thrilled with the campus and it looks like Olivia, my eldest daughter, is excited to be attending this September!

I thought I'd show you some of the great sites there...

Medical Wing, somewhere Olivia will be hanging out...

Student Library

Main meeting area on Campus for students :)

examples of the beautiful Architecture

Fitness Centre houses, squash courts, two full size basketball courts, an indoor soccer field, the largest indoor running/walking track in BC, fitness rooms for Yoga and other classes, weights rooms...

Administration building, Professors' offices'

natural garden tended by the students

really neat structure to sit and enjoy the view, but also to collect some solar energy

the view from the Campus

It is nice to be able to tour the campus and get a feel for where my baby-girl will be living for the next four years!!!


  1. Wow,what an interesting campus. I would be distracted taking photos all the time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW what a beautiful university. What is she going into Kristine? She must be scared and excited all at the same time! Congrats to her (and you for getting her to this point) - can't wait to see all the layouts of Grad



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