Saturday, July 28, 2012

Patriotism Challenge

A dollar late and a penny short...isn't that how the saying goes???!

Well you saw my Thursday Tutorial on Friday so I thought I'd show you the challenge I'm hosting as well over at Scrapbook Challenges this week featuring some 'Traditions' that each of us might have in our own example was of our tradition to support our local Hockey team...through dressing up in team colours and jerseys...

Now part of the challenge is to use the word 'Tradition' somewhere on your page...

 I just love cutting stars from my stash of felt...gotta love a Sizzix!

Patriotism by definition is a devotion to one’s this challenge I’ved asked everyone to show me this through the ‘traditions’ this may mean to each of you. I wanted this challenge to be a little outside the box so to speak and hopefully you might find something to scrapbook yourself with this theme!
Have a great weekend!!!



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