Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's your Kraft Space looking like these days?

Well I am inspired! Check out this link to Kelly Noel's blog post on the Studio Calico blog...she has successfully lite a fire under my backside and after the 8 hours of Dance today for my DD's Year End Show...and my shopping excursion across the line with two of my DD's tomorrow....I just might dive into my 'Kraft Space'...I will add some pick of my disasterous space 'After' it has been organized...but I'm not too ashamed to say it currently looks like 'Taz' has had a visit through it now! 

This is a tragic photo of my latest HUGE Studio Calico order still sitting in the box! I did sneak a peek of all my loot, but haven't yet pulled it all out to play with ;( SO very sad...

I took all my ribbons out of the chaos of this Ribbon-Ez system, cause it wasn't ribbon-easy'esc for me...totally cute but does not work for my scrapin' style...need to re-think my ribbon storage big time...any suggestions, feel free to post them, I can use any help that's out there...

Nice little piles here and there of Class kits, sewing project for my BFF that I've had for one year! ARGH it is on the I've just purchased some new fabric for my front porch furniture, the year old project must be completed first!
Gotta love my desk space...or lack thereof...essentials for computer work though; Starbucks, Canada Dry ginger-ale, catalogs, and the list goes on...
My couch/daybed retreat area is no where near a place to put my feet up and browse through magazines and idea is serving as a fantastic 'catch-all' though ;)

Hopefully my 'Kraft Space' is making yours look incredible, or inspiring you to get busy like I need to, and get ORGANIZED!

Now check out my temporary Scrap-space that I took over as I have too much work to do and no organized area to do it in! I am grateful for my DH who is so patient with me...his head shaking has not gone un-noticed however, I do realize that with a very generous space of my own for creating, I shouldn't be taking over the Dining Room too...but a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

My newest favorite tool right now is the Ranger craft mat, Tim Holtz inking/blending tools and this super neato retro spinner to hold all my inking tools! LOVE IT...well those and the enormous punch collection I'm aquiring...some people call it Hoarding...I call it Collecting...kinda like those people that collect Hummels ;) 
trying to finish up my CTMH Club layouts from this month and would think that 8 feet of table length is enough...but the 16 feet I have here is working great too! Did I mention the patience of my DH...

Let me know if you have been hit with the Spring Fever cleaning bug yourself, and feel free to post a comment of your accomplishments to date...nothing like reading up on other's successes to motivate you in your own! I'm off to record the memories of today's events...soon to be 'Scrapped' memories once I can find some space in the romm...thanks for stopping by ;)


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