Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS.....

November month before Christmas, we get about 3-4 inches of snowfall!!! The kids were extremely excited about the possibility of there being a 'Snow-Day' where school is closed!!! I have teenagers that enjoy the thought of school being closed for just about any reason...3 inches of snow in the Valley can be enough depending on the ice factor here...if the busses aren't moving, then we don't have too either :)

My son always clears the snow on the driveway...he might complain about other chores, but shovelling snow doesn't seem like a chore I guess!

The view from my front porch, down the street...thought I'd snap a picture as it could be all the snow we'll see this just never know what you're going to get here in British Columbia!

My good son in action...even did the sidewalk...

The only negative thing about snow...Chloe LOVES IT !!! and as a result, she literally turns into a snowball...she was hardly even able to climb the back stairs when Marissa made her come in...that's the other problem, she won't come in on her own, you have to go out there and get her!

This is where she sits in the laundry room, waiting for a bath...this is the easiest way for us to get the snowballs off of her, poor thing ;)

Christmas favorite part of getting into the spirit of the season.....

The Elves have been super busy here and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...lights up on the house, trees trimmed, banisters embellished, 
trinkets here and there...

I was sooo excited with this find at Winners...I think I might finally have found the tree star that works the best for this tree...I love it!


Webster's Pages is one beautiful paper company...a little bit old-fashioned but at the same time, quite trendy...this class will be a real treasure of gorgeous paper, hand made embellishments and plenty of leftovers for you after!

Each kit contains a 6X6 package of 36 double-sided sheets, a mini-CD case filled with 18 designer journalling cards, double-sided as well, a full sheet of cardstock stickers...and a few other surprises...can't give you all the details:)

We will be painting, crackling, tying and best of all, having a great time 'Creating' a keepsake of Christmas that you can keep for yourself, or present to someone special so they can fill it with their own Christmas Memories.

Click on my Classes tab to register for this Vintage Mini-Album Class.

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  1. Kristine, your dog just totally cracks me up! I thought they were marshmellows. My daughter drools every time she sees a terrier. If she had her way she'd have one and carry it in a purse and have it dressed up. So cute! Snow sure is fun! Loving the decorations. A huge hi from me!!!

  2. too fuuny huh? we need to take her out on a leash in the snow next time...try to avoid snowball Chloe look ;)



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