Friday, January 7, 2011

In Stitches...

There's being in stitches, like last night in the Hospital ER, when you are really...I was finally getting around to making supper for my family...decided to try out the brand new *sharp* Henkill knife my mother gave me for Christmas...and didn't she always tell me to hold the knife just so, and keep your hands just so...needless to say, had I actually retained anything that was said to me many a times...I wouldn't have carved my thumb instead of the Ham for I was in 'Stitches' laughing, holding my DD's hand so I wouldn't cry :( and after was 'in stitches' literally! 

Luckily, my darling daughter has started driving...well she has her 'L' and can legally drive with me in the off we go to the hour 10 minutes later (really great time I might say)...I'm back home, on the couch and getting dinner prepared, served and cleaned up by my fabulous three my plans to pack up Christmas will have to wait till I get help later on's what it looks like around here today...

But this couch time today is not a total loss as I have caught up on some emails, browsed some Scrapbooking Magazine's and cuddled with my four-legged babies (they live on the couch too)

Here's a (poorly lite) photo of our Wings Workshop layout for next week...

the stamp set that comes with this Wings WOTG kit (G1016) is really great...I love the way we've used it to create a patterned paper effect, the little embellies I've stamped and cut out using some 1st & 2nd generation stamping, and the great new Black Mini-Medley collection adds the perfect final touches.

I have to say that this beautiful 'Bohemian' E-size stamp set (E1019) is now my new favourite...last catalog it was the 'Posterboard' and the time before that was the 'Rustic'...they are all my favourites, all different and function differently...but all my favourite nevertheless!


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