Friday, May 27, 2011

Newsprint Alphabet Rub-Ons

Happy Rainy Friday...well if you live in Beautiful British Columbia...that's what you've got today...well in my town we do! I love the rain, one of the reasons I couldn't think of living anywhere else...four distinct seasons, lasting around 3-4 months each...well, maybe a little light on the winter months, no igloos here...but those rainy days that I love so much always get me into the Workshop for some guilt free scrapbooking time...after the laundry and the chauffeuring around is done of course!

Today, Close To My Heart is showing how great and easy the new Newsprint Rub-Ons are...they are super easy to remove from the packaging as they are in letter rows...with multiples of each letter and more of our frequently used letters to boot!

They are so smooth to apply and the perfect size for scrapbooking or cardmaking...whatever your pleasure, a pleasure they are to use and enjoy. Get yours and discover how great they are for yourself! Check out some of the ideas below by clicking on the play button!


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