Saturday, May 21, 2011

Studio J ~ Focus on the Photos

Studio J has just published a fantastic tutorial where they are focussing on the photos. They are showing you some of the FAQ's you might have after playing with the online software. I found it very helpful for myself as I am new to playing in Studio J...remember that Studio J is available online FREE...purchase only those layouts that YOU want...otherwise, maybe think of using this online software when you are sharing the couch with your the same time creating some scrapbooking layouts...

Maybe you don't like the look digital scrapbooking? 

If that's the case with you, I encourage you to play with the software and use it like a 'dry-run' before you go and play with paper and scissors...create some layouts, save them and then the next time you are ready to sit down and play with paper...pull up your pre-done designs on the computer and copy them using your actual product...this way you have some fast and easy layouts to've only printed out the photos you need for the layout and  you've just saved yourself money and TIME.


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