Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunshine is all around this long weekend

I thought I'd take a minute to post a few layouts I created on my ultimate 'Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat' retreat :) at the end of April...four glorious days and three nights to eat, drink, relax, sleep in, stay up all night and of course SCRAPBOOK!

I have to say that out of all the years I've been treating myself to this escape...I have been the most productive ever this past time in April...now I could easily say that it was because I was away for four days VS. the usual three days retreat...but that would simply NOT be the truth...honestly...this was the most organized I've EVER been...I could have been more organized, but wanted to leave some of the creativity for when I was actually there...

Firstly, I made a list of the events/pictures I wanted to scrapbook...seemed easy enough, but still took time.

Secondly, I looked through various Map/Idea Books...I went to my CTMH books, like Magic, Imagine and Cherish...as well as Page Maps and Scrapbooks Etc. Maps...once I found some maps that looked like they'd work for my event, I made reference to that on a sticky note...listed off what resource (MAP location), page or design title...this was stuck to my printed picture when I got them home from printing.

Thirdly, I sent my final cuts for photos to my Desktop, I find that clicking and dropping the pictures I want to print onto my Desktop, saves me loads of time later at the upload stage as I can then later grab and drop my chosen pictures into my Upload Photos page of the Costco online photo page (I like Costco's print quality for the price here where I live)

Fourth, when I was in the photo ordering page in Costco online photo site, I made sure to tag each photo with the actual crop size and location in the layout...I know this seems excessive or maybe a little OCD...I know, but when I got to my retreat...I knew exactly what my plans were with the photo as it was printed on the back of each picture where I wanted it to go in the layout as well as the layout Map...this saved me time.

Lastly, when I got to the retreat, the only thinking I needed to do was pick out paper...which, for those of you that know me...takes me some time :) Once I had some paper in hand...grabbed my photos which were seperated with my sticky notes with the layout design I was planning on working with and the printed photos/enlargements when needed...and...away I went!

The prep ahead of time saved me from 'creators-block'...just made that one up...and allowed me to whip the layouts up! In Kristine-time...probably much faster in your own-time...I am still reeling in the pleasure of how much I accomplished...maybe you have some great tips for making the mnost of your scrapbooking time...I'd love to hear them, just leave a comment below !

Here's a couple of layouts that I did on that retreat weekend...thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Long Weekend, hopefully the sun is shining where ever you call home :)


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