Friday, May 20, 2011

Time Saving Scrapbooking

Well there are many different styles of Scrapbooking and I am definately a Classic scrapbooker...I love the look and feel of paper, cardstock, chatchki's (AKA. Embellishments) but sometimes I don't actually feel like making a mess and I lack the creative juices or TIME to dream up my own 'original' design...sound like any of you?

Digital scrapbooking has always been 'interesting' to me, but honestly, I don't want to sit infront of a computer for hours on end creating a layout, especially as I'd be re-learning scrapbooking through Photoshop or having to purchase software...

Studio J online scrapbooking has been the answer for me lately...I have been busy working on photos of my daughter's Spring Break trip to PARIS! Playing in the pre-designed layout patterns and choosing my paper...dragging and dropping pictures into the photo wells...easy peasy lemon squeezy!

So needless to say, I am starting to cross over for some projects, I have created some layouts on my account in Studio J, I'm waiting to send in my order as I want them to come together...and I'm tweeking them a little here and there. I have also created 'Classic' layouts with scissors and paper :) I plan to mix them together in her travel Paris album.

Here's a YouTube video created from CTMH's Corporate office, showing you how you can honestly create a fantastic layout for yourself in 5 minutes...I know this as I did one myself with my son...


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