Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm back and revved up to go!

Good morning! I'm excited to be home from my 4 day fishing trip at the beautiful Queen Charlotte Lodge and super excited to start letting you know about all the exciting things happening in August!

First things first though...here I am catching the big one!

Let me mention, all the the fishys you see in these pictures are actually mine...my husband was very proud of me and my ability to catch fish...I was able to hit all my limits! I caught 4 Chinook salmon, 15, 16, 20 & 23 pounds...and all 4 of my Coho salmon limit...I caught at least 30 Coho salmon and released them as my limit was only 4...let me tell you it is hard work bringing these little babies in! 

Our freezer is packed! Luckily at the Queen Charlotte Lodge, they gut, clean and cut your fish how you'd like so we brought home some whole, some cut in one pound chunks and some in fillets...we even have a couple Coho's being smoked!

I wasn't as die hard as my hubby, fishing from 6:00AM to 7:00PM every night, but I did meet up with him at the 'lunch boat' around 1:00PM every day and was still able to catch everything I needed! Which I think might have been a tad irritating for him ;) The last day fishing I went to their Spa for a 90 minute massage...then went fishing...caught my 16 and 20 pound Spring Chinook and a couple Coho's...did I mention that my husband was only able to get 2 Chinook...?!!

Stay tuned for more news on the creative front as there is loads to tell!!! TFSB


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