Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's're normal!???

Good Morning!

I was chit chatting this morning on the forum at Let's Scrap and Cheri, the site creator, had mentioned how funny it would be to see your scrap space right I snapped away and here you go!

  My one table are laid out for a
 Heart 2 Heart sketch layout challenge...
 No room on the table, so my photos are laid out in sketch formation on my floor! This one is for the Let's Scrap DT you can't see this one yet! Can you see my pretty blue toes! Oh and how I pull out embellies and then leave them on the floor! I usually clean it up when someone gets hurt! teehee
 This area is for my Sharing from the Heart BlogHop projects, luckily I have a couple table surfaces so I can spread out! Working on some cards for a gathering next week and my BlogHop stuff to be posted stamping section ;)
I'm currently drinking a very large cup of Java, surfing some Blog and sketch sites this morning...charging my phone and posting Blog entries and forum comments! Fun stuff! 
What does your space look like today? Are you normal like me?


Hey all! I just need to make mention that all content is by me, unless otherwise noted
and I ask that you don't copy or re-create any of the artwork posted on here for submissions to contests, publication or profit. But feel free to "lift" for your own personal use, all I ask is that you give credit where credit is due! Thanks.