Monday, November 21, 2011

Question of the Week!

Good Morning! As a current Design Team member at Let's Scrap, we are asked to present a QOTW(Question of the Week), an IOTW(Inspiration of the Week) as well as a Design Team Challenge. This is my week to offer up all three of these to the Let's Scrap Membership and 
I thought I'd share them with all of you as well this week.

Here's what I've posted and I certainly welcome your answers here for those of you that are not members of the Let's Scrap site, I'd love to know what you think :)

"A little about me, I love to talk and write {as you will see} and I have been a crafter my whole life ranging from finger painting to woodworking! The one thing that has become very clear to me through my years of painting, sewing, woodworking and crafting is that scrapbooking can encompass ALL of my interests and at the same time preserve memories of mine and my families.

Now through my discovery of scrapbooking only 7 years ago, the first thing I did was attend classes! Any kind of scrapbooking classes I could find...finding card classes and mini-book classes were easy, but an actual layout class...quite a bit more challenging :)

This is where my question comes in...I teach regular layout workshops every month where we work through at least one LO, usually two or sometimes more per Workshop {depending on the fun level and whether my gals are chit chatting or working!}

In these Workshops we explore different styles and techniques to help them expand their scrapbooking knowledge and to create some different LO’s that they don’t usually do on their own.

Now the question I want to ask you is one where you need to put your scrapbooker/customer hat on to answer...

Now in typical ‘Kristine’ wordy fashion, I can’t just throw one question at you it needs to be some of you might not have many classes available to you so you could always answer them from an “If I could, I would...”

  1. Tell me what you find ‘most’ valuable when you attend scrapbooking classes? 
  2. What are you hoping to ‘get’ out of the class, be it material or informative?
  3. When you are ‘paying’ to attend a class, which ‘type’ of class do you want to attend? (card, LO’s, mini-albums, 3D...)
  4. What are your ‘must have’s’ in any class you attend?
Thanks so much for reading my lengthy QOTW and I can't wait to hear some of your answers!"

Now here's what I answered:

"I like to learn something from a class I personally take, even if it’s to do with photo or ribbon storage...I want to walk away from it with finished layouts and know something I didn’t know before.

I personally like layout classes because it helps me get more done! AND someone else did the prep work and thinking!!!

However, that being said, I will usually attend more card classes because I tend to struggle with cards and I like having someone else think up some wonderful cards for me!

I LOVE 3D layouts...I have to have some dimension and texture on my projects or they just don’t feel finished, so a class working with anything more than just paper is usually one I love to attend!"


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