Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Organized and I'm Outta Here!!!

Well I'm packed for my weekend at the Ultimate! Record time and organization considering we just returned from the Maya Riviera in Mexico on Sunday...

I thought I'd touch base on my preparations 'to go' with you in the event you get to have a night or weekend of scrapbooking from time to time. You can also take these steps to organize layout kits ahead of time so when you have limited time, you are already to go!

I have learned from my years of retreats what works for me. Back in the day I would literally pack it all! Now I go with a plan...that is to literally plan each page :) It takes some time, I'll admit...but when you arrive and are ready to do!

I'd love to tell you that I'm creatively designing original layouts when I am away on these weekends, but that is not so...I am the slowest scrapbooker I know when I'm busy dreaming up my own layouts...spending far too much time on the exact placement of brads and papers and photos ;( 

My solution to this is to come prepared with sketches!!! Now you've seen many layouts here and elsewhere featuring Close To My Heart, Let's Scrap, Page Maps, Scrapbook Challenges, Mojo Mondays, Scrapbooks Etc., Canadian get the idea. There are so many FREE resources out there as well as books you can purchase that help get your ideas flowing. 

Close To My Heart sketch books
Sketches are fantastic when you're sitting with 7 photos in your hand that you really want to use and you don't know where to start! At a retreat or evening crop, your time is valuable and you'd like to get as much done there as possible because you have an opportunity to work uninterrupted!

Page Maps PDF's printed off website
I've printed off sketches, slipped them into page protectors and put them in order into a 3 ring binder, I have many Page Maps PDF's so it has it's own binder!

Scrapbooks Etc. sketches printed off website

Let Scrap Sketch site, printed off website gallery
  • I start by looking at my photos on my computer
  • I 'flag' only those photos I would like to use, this way I can refer to only the flagged photos when I'm looking at's less overwhelming if I have oodles of photos on one event:)
  • I'm usually thinking of layouts when I flip through my photos.
  • Before I order photos to print, I look through my sketch binders/books and record the sketch name/number and which photos/layout I am using for them into a notebook which I will take with me.
  • I only print out the photos I want to use for my layouts. If the sketch has a size other than the normal 4x6 I print out, I'll make a note of which photo I want to use in that spot and make sure to order only that photo for another size.
  • When I'm planning one layout, I'll usually write in my notebook which photos I was thinking of putting where...this will save me time remembering what I was planning when I get to this layout.
  •  I will also record some potential titles or info into my notebook so I can refer back to them while I'm working on the layout...sometimes I can think of several fun titles when I'm sorting through photos and I know I'll forget by the time I'm at my retreat ready to work :)
  • Lastly, once I know my photos and hopefully my sketch too...I'll start looking at my papers and embellishments and try to pack up only items that are going to work with my photos and sketches

I have found that if I take the time to prepare for my weekends, not only do I exceed my own expectations of my productivity, but I also am not printing out photos that I won't use! I have wasted a lot of $$$ over the years with printing off way more than I ever use, and I don't know about you...but I have a very difficult time throwing them out...don't know why...I'm just freaky that way :)


Hey all! I just need to make mention that all content is by me, unless otherwise noted
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