Thursday, January 26, 2012

More layouts to share...

Using up more stash...really old papers and brads 
Sketch by PageMaps

bought like a zillion of those journalling bits...still have half a zillion in my stash!

Ok, so this was really creepy gross, but super cool at the same time! This Edible Garden was on the Xcaret park site, where they grow these specialty mushrooms and harvest them for their on site gourmet restaurant! Beautiful to look at though.

sketch by Scrapbooks etc.

So glad to have our 'use up those brads' challenge with my scrappin' sister Sandra at the Ultimate Scrapbooking Retreat weekend...

Super stunning site...the Chapel of Guadalupe was underground! at the very bottom you can enter a cave where they stored their wine for the restaurant next door...loved all the cool cupboards with all the antiques bottle openers and the carved tree on the main wall...I'm assuming it was of Guadalupe herself!

Sketch by Scrapbooks Etc.

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