Sunday, March 11, 2012

Canadian Scrapbooker's Sketchy Challenge

You got it! Another Challenge for you to get scrapbooking and using up some of your stash...this one comes from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine and I thought it would be easier for you to see the details if I just copied it all here!!!

It’s a Sketchy Challenge brought to you by Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!
Welcome to our NEW monthly sketch challenge! Design a layout inspired by this sketch and email it me at We will post your layout in the gallery for all our readers to enjoy! Want a chance to be published? OF COURSE YOU DO! We will be looking for one or two or three layouts to be published in an upcoming issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine – inorder to qualify to be published you have to use ONE Canadian manufacturer on your layout! That’s right! Doesn’t matter if your from Canada, England, China or Africa – if you use one Canadian manufacturer on your design you could be the next person published in an upcoming issue!
If you decide to not use a Canadian Manufacturer on your design – no problemo! We will still post your layout for all our readers to see in our Sketchy Gallery! Sounds cool eh?
We will be posting a new Sketch at the beginning of each month! You have until the end of the each month to submit your designs!
Let’s get Sketchy!

So I'm going to get busy and you can too! Let's meet back here in one week with what I've created and you can let me know if you got it done too!!!

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