Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Fire and new challenges??!!!

Hello! I've been busy here cleaning up from a range fire! 

Yes, you read that correctly...Sunday at around 4:00PM, my oven became slightly possessed and decided on it's own to continue running...all indications were that the oven was off, but after hearing the oven fan running (we have a GAS stove/oven) I investigated the oven to discover that even though the oven wasn't ON...it was ON!!! So in our efforts to shut off the oven, which went on unsuccessfully, the gas decided to spread to the space between the oven and the stovetop...so in essence, the guts or insides of the range! Very strange and scary and as a result of this spreading fire, I had to turn the Fire Extinguisher on it! Which is a first for me ever and as I now can see...very messy indeed!

We have had people in and out of the house since Sunday evening, firefighters, Insurance Adjuster, Professional Cleaning crew...which is still currently cleaning the main floor...even though there was not any smoke damage...that darn Fire Extinguisher can reek a lot of havoc! Seeing as our main floor is very open...so goes the fine dust and particulate bits everywhere!

I forgot to take a photo of the four cute firefighters that came...but I got the tail end of their truck before they drove away!

As you can see all the mess on the floor...and the counters

and here's the inside of the oven space...so between the burnt plastic smell and the fire extinguisher smell...the restoration people have had a loud air/filter machine running to clean the air since yesterday...

SO I have been cornered in the basement while the main floor is being tended to and I have been in my Workshop...

So coming this week, check back to see some of the great new challenge sites I've discovered and have starting playing with...perhaps they will get you creating too!


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