Monday, April 2, 2012

Use your own stash...

Well some of you remember the layouts I've posted previously from a class I took called 'Use Your Own Stash', a 20 Layouts Workshop...I am just plugging away on putting the finishing touches and photos on some of these layouts.

The mastermind behind this class is Jennifer Edwardson, she owns a Scrapbook Store on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada...for those International followers out there...and she comes to events and other stores and teaches her class.

It is action packed, by this I mean you need to be organized (she sends you a class kit list) and ready to get things done! Now at a super-charged pace of about 20-30 minutes per layout, I only ever get the 'guts' as I like to refer to it, of a layout done. So that means I get the base papers done, photo matting if needed and photos down. All of the embellishing and title and journalling work gets done after or much later on my own time. Seeing as the embellishing is where I like to take my time to ponder placement, for those of you that know me {wink}, and those of you that don't know me so well...I've been known to take a minute or 10 or...just to put a brad or button in its final resting place! So this class really gets me stickin' er down and movin' on!!!

Now she is teaching this fun 20 layout class at a Fundraising Event here to benefit BC Children's Hospital, click here to see the details of this worthy event on May 5, 2012.

The wonderful thing about this class is you build your kits from your own stash of papers and embellishments. So each person ends up having their own individual layout based off her sketch. 

The colour in these photos aren't the greatest, but you get the idea :) I wanted to make sure to include a photo of my Mom and my daughter as well as the beautiful gift she bought her for her 16th Birthday. A friend of my Moms' makes these lovely reclaimed silver teaspoons into bracelets! Such clever people in the world :)

Yeah! another layout finished and more of my stash used up! Mission Complete!


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