Friday, May 4, 2012

Can of Worms!!!

Well I know you have all heard the expression, 'Opening up a can of worms'! Today, I have done exactly that :) I am in the final hours of preparations for the 'Use Your Stash' class tomorrow 10AM sharp! Where we will be getting instruction from the talented Jennifer Edwardson in her 20 layouts workshop! Yes, you heard right, 20 BIG ones...and this time she has even promised a double-pager or two...actually I've heard it will be '5' double-layouts...phew! I'm freakin' out already!!!

Now in preparation for her classes we need to pack kits...20 of them usually, but in this case, 21 for tomorrow...what time is it now, OH, it's 4:24PM and I have officially packed 'ZERO' !!! Yes, because I was in the search for my kit instructions, which I only just found a couple hours ago! Off to pick kids up from school, get one kids' hair cut for the big grade 7 & 8's final Rec Centre dance tonight and tending to another kid who's been sick with the flu for four days now!!!

I am plotting out my I'm looking at my pictures and saying to myself, 'Geez, these pics look familiar...have I already scrapbooked this?'...Have you asked yourself this question, or are you really organized and put all your finished layouts right into their proper places right after completing them...??? NOT ME ;)

So then I get this:

Spread them all out into kid, the other kid etc...

One holiday, the other holiday, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas etc....

Everyday family stuff, my nieces (cause they get their own albums)...

You got it...about a hundred, at least, finished layouts that need to be filed into their proper albums, or start a new album...more like it! Tomorrow when I'm at the class, Sandra from The Memory Workshop, will have her store set up and I can buy some much needed albums!!! get the idea of the 'Can Of Worms' I've opened!

Off to pack those 20+ kits now! Check back later for some pics of some of the finished layouts from tomorrow's class...thanks for stopping by :)


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