Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dallas and more sketches...

Isn't technology something awesome...well most of the time!
I am soaking up sunshine, well more like extreme heat, in Dallas right now and soaking up some more Inspiration, Ideas, Mojo and new products from our Close To My Heart Convention which is going on right now...but I still needed to play along with this Wednesday's Let's Scrap sketch!!!

I decided to use some recent photos of Matthew playing Rugby for his school team...this is the Final Game of the Fraser Valley Championships (between Middle Schools) and Matthew's Grade 8 Boys' team from William A. Fraser Middle School WON this year!!! So proud of them!

He has been playing the Scrum Half position in the starting line-up...he really has developed a talent and love in Rugby and it will be interesting to see how this great group of boys do next year as they enter High School and start on the Jr. Boys Rugby squad.

Please excuse the terrible photos...took these at night in the dining room...not enough light at all!

So glad you had time today to check out what's happening @home with Studio K...see you next time :)


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