Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kick up your Heels

Good Morning, I'm back from Dallas, Texas !!! Did you miss me?!!!

It's Wednesday and that means I've got another sketch for you from  Let's Scrap...this one is our card sketch but you know how I'm not really as excited about cards as I am with layouts so I decided to do this sketch for some more of Olivia's Convocation photos :)

I asked the girls to do something fun instead of always standing perfectly infront of the camera...I told them that one of the photos I remember of my Grad was with my gal pals and our legs being kicked up can-can style...this is what they did:

Now I know that all of you have some kind of die cut paper that you bought because it looks so cool...I have about 30 I think maybe more...anyways ;) this sketch is perfect to get using those sheets that might (if you are anything like me) be just sitting there in your craft room!!!??

I am using just one paper pack from SEI, their Field Notes collection, for all of Olivia's Convocation photos.  I've told you in some recent posts that I spent some time cutting out each of these butterflies from a sheet of paper...these frames were also cut from a sheet of paper...

Now I also wanted these girls to kick up their heels because my daughter Olivia was on the hunt for the 'PERFECT' pair of heels that would 'Make Just The Right Statement' when she was on as if everyone would be specifically looking at her shoes...? I told her that the only ones to notice would be her...she thought I was insane ;) 
Olivia is second from the left in her chunky wood and leather heels...
These photos were also the perfect way to show off those carefully thought out purchases :)

You might have noticed in this last photo the stitching, this is some heavy duty thread that I've used in my sewing machine and followed the curve in the patterned die cut...I am finding that this thread is perfect for layouts as it really shows up well!

So glad you've popped in here today, thanks for visiting!

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