Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look out Dallas...I'm here!

Hi, couldn't resist updating you with some pictures of the hotel we are at...the Hilton Anatole in the downtown Dallas area...here's the view from our window...It was actually a clear
day here today but seriously humid at over 90degrees and we were treated to a crazy Thunderstorm at around 6:00PM in the outside gardens and needed to come it to avoid getting soaked!

This is the view from our hotel room at night...Taken from this iPad...pretty good considering:)

This Hilton is very large, reminds me of the hotels in Vegas and the artwork and numbers of seating areas throughout the lobbies are fantastic! There are some great spots to sit and socialize in every nook and cranny, here's one of them:

This has got to be one of my favourite lobby features I've seen in a hotel...well besides the lobby at the Bellagio in Vegas, that one is pretty cool...this one has a moving decorative feature at the top of the ceiling and then the small orange bits are actually lights...it's very Asian feeling and contemporary.

Ok and this is the largest bread and butter plate I've ever seen!!! Mounted on the wall and it almost goes from floor to ceiling...super cool!

Now the photo we've all been waiting for....the check in counter for the 2012 CTMH Convention here in Dallas, Texas!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be crazy I'm told...some two thousand plus Consultants will be lining up here from 3:00-7:00PM...luckily I signed up for Leadership Day and get to register tomorrow AM before our sessions start!!!

I hope you check in daily to see some of the happenings from Dallas...I plan to show some sneak peeks of products and artwork as we go:)

Thanks for stopping in today!


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