Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm off to BC Crop 4 Kids...

Instructions written (should've started that task a couple weeks ago!) and copied (phew)...kits all cut and packed (phew) and I might even get some sleep in before I go...or not!

I am just remembering that I should pack some stuff to do while I'm there too...I would like to do some scrapbooking myself, even though I'm super excited and nervous about my two classes...I always think I like my layouts but it is also always a little scary wondering how everyone else will like them!??

I am super duper excited to be staying at the hotel, even though I live close and of course, getting to stay up late, chit chat with my scrappy sisters and create!

Here's some sneak peeks of my Close To My Heart class on Sunday...I'm so glad I got my wooden shapes when I did as we sold out of them and they aren't being reordered! 

lots of fun bright colours in these Footloose papers...they were definitely my favourite papers of this summer!

I have two other layouts, a single and a double that I still have to take photos of! I forgot to take one of the Bonus single I created from the left over bits...and a couple hours ago, I decided to make some changes to another layout that I wasn't 100% pleased an extra hour or two of Cricut cutting and re-stuffing kits (no problem) and at approximately 4:00AM, Friday, I think I'll get a couple hours of sleep and then pack some stuff for me to work on for when I'm not teaching classes :)


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