Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still here...?

Yes, I am still here :) 

Ok, so the whirlwind trip to Hawaii has come and gone, spending time away during Christmas and New Year's isn't for everyone, but for the past couple of years we've enjoyed the change thoroughly!

I still have Christmas set up all over my house and I'm loving it! All the pretty things I've collected over the years...just looking at them gives me happy feelings that I don't want to rush to sweep away into a box...of course being away for so much of December makes it that much easier to enjoy all the pretty things for a little while longer!

Now it's 2013 and with a New Year, usually comes some New Year's resolutions...huh? What have you got planned?

I am going to take a suggestion from the lovely Davinie Fiero...I'm going to write myself a letter, just for my eyes only, to be opened on 12*31*13...and I'll scrapbook this just like Davinie did!

Check out her Blog! It's full of wonderful inspiration whether you are a scrapbooker, Project Life'er or as you will read on her Blog a Project 12'er

This year's Resolution for me is to take time to enjoy life's moments and try at the same time to document those moments! Whether I'm using traditional scrapbooking, Project Life or Project 12 techniques, the stories will still be recorded...

Stay tuned for some fun challenges this week and later this month at Scrapbook Challenges and Let's Scrap AS WELL AS loads of new goodness with Close To My Heart as we have just released a new catalog and there are so many yummy things in there you won't be able to resist playing with paper, scissors and glue!!!


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