Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Classes, Retreats and Specials...Oh My!!!

So I have a feeling that I might be back! Grab your favourite beverage because this post is a little wordy! Only because I'm so supercalifragilistically EXCITED to share a couple Campaigns running with Close To My Heart right now!

The first is our Holiday from the Heart Gift Guide!

This mini-catalog is featuring some Exclusive, limited time product which is available right now until December 31st. There are several items in the catalog that have a 'star' and you can earn for FREE with each $100 in your order! I am currently playing with several of the goodies from this little catalog and let me tell you it's packed with goodness!!! I only 'earned' one free item and purchased the rest at regular price but as usual CTMH has some great value packed into this little guide! Contact me for your own copy or follow this LINK to see it for yourself right now online :)

The next exciting Campaign is for any of you that are thinking you'd like to Join My Team! Right now we are working on launching our next catalog (live to customers in February) but we are getting some inside information about what new products are in store! For those of you that have read a post or two of mine, you will know that I have embraced the Project Life philosophy for almost a year now. Both in the Becky Higgins style of recording a week in our life over a two page multi-pocket format AND in integrating my multi-pocket pages in amongst my regular/traditional scrapbooking pages. I have found that I am experiencing a great 'relief' in getting WAY MORE DONE and a fantastic feeling of satisfaction because more of my photos are in my albums!

So that being said, you can only imagine that I was out of my mind with excitement (cause scrappy things do that to me!!!) when I saw our newest promo highlighting our newest product release called 'Picture My Life™'. As you can see from the image above, we are going to be releasing 8 new Picture My Life™ scrapbooking programs. They will be featuring themes based on some of our most popular paper packets, plus two brand new paper packets. Each individual program features 122 double-sided, designed cards plus 10 unique Memory Protectors™ to hold creative combinations of these cards and your own photos. You get 44 – 4" × 6" cards (2 each of 22 designs) which come in 14 vertical and 8 horizontal designs. You also get 78 – 3" × 4" cards (3 each of 26 designs) which come in 10 vertical designs and 16 horizontal designs.

For me this means a couple things...I not only get to conitine to work in this multi-pocket, multi-photo format that I've grown to love and appreciate but I also get to offer it to my customers. My customers now have even more options and more benefits with CTMH and the quality of our products and compatibility of it all has just increased exponentially!

The papers in the Picture My Life™ scrapbooking program kits co-ordinate with our current paper packs AND stamps and embellishments. We will have the multi-pocket pages available to order separately in various styles and at competitive prices AND the best thing is they will be in the same awesome heavy duty quality that all of our current page protectors are made from!

Not only are we offering these new page protector styles, but we have also added protectors to work with the current Creative Memories pages and albums! We are aware of the turmoil and changes in the CM Company and with their current customers. We want to be able to offer some compatible products to those of you that LOVE the CM album system :)

This is what our future page protectors selection, available in our next catalog, is going to look like:
  • Top Load (10 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $9.95)
  • Top Load Value Pack (25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Side Load (10 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $9.95)
  • Side Load Value Pack (25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket and a gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Strap Side Load (25 protectors with a 12" x 12" pocket for strap binding, no gutter seam, $19.95)
  • Design 1 (10 protectors – 6 vertical 6" × 4" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 2 (10 protectors – 6 horizontal 4" × 6" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 3 (10 protectors – 4 vertical 6" × 4" pockets & 4 horizontal 3" x 4" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 4 (10 protectors – 4 horizontal 4" × 6" pockets & 4 vertical 4" × 3" pockets each, $9.95)
  • Design 5 (10 protectors – 3 vertical 6" × 4" pockets & 6 horizontal 3" × 4" pockets each, $9.95)
So as you can see, in a couple months we will be able to help those of you that might not be scrapbookers but do have a shoe box or computer full of photos! You will be able to simple organize and jazz up those photos in a very simple format AND you will have those special moments into an album you can sit down and enjoy! For those of you that enjoy playing with paper and glue, this new program will extend your creativity and ability to get more done in less time AND it will add some more interest into your albums while at the same time allowing you to get more photos and moments recorded and stored for future reference! It's all Goodness on the horizon ;)

Moving onto current events ;) I am working on some layouts for a couple classes at the Ultimate Scrapbook Retreat this November 22-24th...I always look sooooo forward to getting away and getting creative but this month I wanted to offer a class or two with some of CTMH's new Christmas and Winter collections!

I am totally enjoying the new products and our new Artbooking Cricut cartridge...have you seen it in action? Do you have yours yet? Let me know if you want it added to your Christmas Wish List or have your husband/family message me and I can hook you up for the Holidays ;) Remember that with the purchase of your Artbooking Cricut cartridge, you've just earned one FREE 'star' item out of the Holiday from the Heart Gift Guide!!!

Here's a couple sneaks of my upcoming classes...

Thanks so much for hanging out here today, I love hearing from you so leave me a note in the comments below if you'd like :)

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