Monday, November 4, 2013

Everything's Good!

Oh yeah..I'm safe and sound...just MIA!

I'm not sure what's happened there? I seem to go through phases every year where I'm super busy with DT stuff and Close To My Heart stuff and Project Life stuff and I'm so 'on top' of my Blog!

Seeing as I'm taking a break from my two previous Design Team's I seem to have fallen off the proverbial 'Bloggin' Wagon'...I apologize to those of you that like to see my artwork or for those of you that enjoy my banter ;)

Sooooo, what have I been up to you ask? Well since my last post the kids have returned to school of course which means I have been working more at my new job at my local Scrapbook Shoppe and re-organizing spaces in the house! Right? cause those two automatically go together. LOL

I have lots of updates to share this month but I thought I'd talk a little bit about my Project Life journey to date :)

I've been playing with my Project Life album, working on it means that I am constantly chipping away at organizing my photos, figuring out what I want to print and then ordering them...then once I've got them into their sleeves for the week I like to add my cards and journalling and embellies of course ;)

As you can see, I am working on several weeks...print some photos...add some cards and's like a work in progress all the time but I'm OK with that...I'm currently printing photos for Weeks 31-44...I'm only 13 weeks behind!!! HaHaHa

You know the funny thing is that once I finish organizing 'what' photos I want to print and where they are going to go in my Project Life page spread...then send them off to print...It will only take me a few hours to corner round them and then put them into their proper spots in my page sleeves...I'll take several more hours to choose cards and embellish and journal on each weeks' spread...but I will have that many weeks worth of memories into an it's all good!

One of the things that I've discovered works for me is I record each of my weeks activities into a calendar...sometimes I need to refer to my iPhoto Library to refresh my memory on dates and when I do I like to flag my photos so that they will be easy to find for future printing. The other resource I've found on the World Wide Web is Project Life planning sheets. I print them out to plan my pages, especially seeing as I'm so many weeks behind. This way I can plan my week spread, figure out photos and photo placement and I record it so that I know where to slide everything in once I have all my photos printed! Makes everything so much easier to sit and work through all those details first so that once I've got my photos in the sleeves I can start the creative part of recording our memories.

I like the planner pages I've found on these sites:

The more you look around online, the more help AND inspiration AND motivation you find :)

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