Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This is by far my favourite time of the about you?

January means more than the beginning of a New Year...although last year sucked so I'm totally looking forward to happier times in 2014, it also means re-organization, de-cluttering and perhaps for some of us, resolutions! Yeah, I'm sure I'm not alone with resolution 
This year I will strive to be more organized, more health conscience and more active...but my 'word' for the year is going to be FOCUS...not sure if you are on the 'word-train' like so many other people seem to be these days but my goal of 2014 is to try to gain and maintain more FOCUS in my life...we can assume I feel the need to improve on this in all aspects of my life, personal, work and creative. So here I go!!! 
Wish me luck and good luck to you as well...we can all use it :)

So where have I been, what have I been doing...? 
Well not scrapbooking a lot I'll tell you that!

I am trying to focus right now on catching up on my 2013 Project Life album and at the same time trying to stay more current on the 2014 Project Life that means working on my computer, calendar and sending off photos to print...I don't print from home which maybe I should be considering once again but for now I send them to Costco, not expensive and fast.

Not that you can tell from this photo, but do you ever have those moments when you are super organized, have your scrappy stuff all sorted by colour or item etc.? Well this CTMH box, which is AWESOME to sort your PL card and photos by the way, happened to run into my leg!!! Ok,so maybe I ran into it...end result is that! I was so frustrated that I left it like that for two days...yeah I'm stubborn...luckily last night when I finally decided to pick it up it wasn't to mixed up, I was able to put the coloured cards together again without too much stress and effort :) 

So this morning I needed to make a list! Don't you love lists? I do, it really helps my focus and gives me a great feeling of accomplishment when I can cross items off! 

Today I worked on the laundry, vacuumed (one floor anyways), general tidy and dusting the Great Room and finally got the knick knacks moved around so it looks nice...tomorrow I'll add to that list and probably cross more items's all good! 
So nice to be getting my poop in a group!

Thanks for stopping in!

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