Friday, February 14, 2014

New Website & Blog location!!!

Hello my friends!

I have decided after several years with Blogger to create my own Website/Domain the past I thought it might be way too costly or too difficult to do on my own but after playing around I decided to make the move!

My new website is
and this is what it looks like:

While some of the pages are still under construction and I'm not 100% I wanted to try to start redirecting you there if possible!

Way back when I used to track all my favourite websites through Google...but a short time ago, GoogleReader was dissolved...I then discovered Bloglovin' and I have to say that it is awesome! 

If you haven't enbraced Bloglovin' yet, let me tell you that you absolutely should! 

I get this type of email everyday, although you can set it up to send you your post summary for different intervals...I find that I like an update on my favourite blogs everyday...I read them before bed :)

This is what a typical update from Bloglovin' would look like in my email Inbox ...

So of the blogs I am following on Bloglovin', when they update their blog with a new post, it gets added to my feed...on this day I only had 4 updated feeds on my favourite this saves me time surfing around to see if my favourite blog have posted also keeps me updated easily without scrolling through my blog address book!

I would love to have you follow me at my new can also join my site and register to receive my posts/feed straight to your email inbox! Just look on the left hand column and you can choose any of the options right there!

Thanks so much for being here today!


Hey all! I just need to make mention that all content is by me, unless otherwise noted
and I ask that you don't copy or re-create any of the artwork posted on here for submissions to contests, publication or profit. But feel free to "lift" for your own personal use, all I ask is that you give credit where credit is due! Thanks.